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Speaking before the game, Brown took questions on his role with the team. Many people don know that one of the greatest NFL players was also one of the best lacrosse players, and Brown wants people to learn about his past, along with the rich history that the sport carries (Brown hinted he may have played lacrosse professionally instead of football if it was made available). The former Syracuse star expressed that it his desire, along with the front office, to see the sport grow to new lengths and develop the Lizards presence as New York team..

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Cheap Jerseys from china I couldn’t even think about that.’ Leinart, who struggled the entire game before his dramatic go ahead touchdown, said, “That’s probably one of the greatest finishes ever. This game goes in history books as one of the greatest ever.’ Tailback Reggie Bush was more emphatic, saying, “I think this win goes down as the No. 1 win all time for USC against Notre Dame.’ It was also memorable for Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis, who broke out green jerseys for the first time in his career and visited USC’s locker room after the game. Cheap Jerseys from china

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