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Ortega attempted to amend the bill in two ways Monday, but ultimately couldn convince enough colleagues because of concerns about the impact. One would have withheld the extended hours from stores that have pending disciplinary actions. The other would have withheld those longer hours from stores that have either medical or recreational products and are seeking licenses to add the other category behind the same storefront, at least until they receive regulatory approval..

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The Broncos’ fans were not to be outdone this time around. Orange jerseys clearly outnumbered Carolina’s blue and black contingent by a large margin, and the noise factor was clear early on. Carolina began the game with its offense playing out of the side of the stadium where the Broncos’ fan base was the densest, and the noise certainly appeared to be a factor..

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cheap jerseys The former sheriff is charged with giving false statements and obstructing justice for allegedly trying to keep FBI agents away from an inmate turned informant. In addition, prosecutors charge Baca allegedly sent his deputies to threaten an FBI agent with arrest. Several commanding officers within the Sheriff Department who were directly involved with hiding the inmate turned informant testified for prosecutors during the trial, saying they believed Baca knew of their actions. cheap jerseys

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