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This is about 10 above the seasonal average of 55.The warm front will also bring us a few showers and even a thunderstorm today. Keep up with the location of these storms online with our Interactive Radar.Expect a few more scattered showers and storms to move through tonight. The wind will pick up, but temperatures will be rather mild for October.

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Cheap Jerseys china He encourages me to open it, and I have his blessing 100 percent.”D’Andrea could not be reached for comment.Last month, the Berwyn City Council showed faith in Goldman’s venture, approving $100,000 in tax increment finance money to support the renovation of 6950 Windsor Ave., where Goldman has planned a 2,600 square feet store.”When (D’Andrea’s) closed, there certainly was an outcry from the public to help find another site for that same type of retail store,” said Tony Griffin, executive director of the Berwyn Development Corp., which recommended the TIF funds be approved. “Having his experience with the customer base (of D’Andrea’s) helps out, and I know he’s planning on capitalizing on that.”Goldman plans to make use of D’Andrea’s mailing list to notify its 1,500 registered customers of his store’s opening.Goldman said he signed the lease on the Depot District storefront this week and plans to begin renovations in the coming weeks for an expected opening no later than Aug. 1.”Once we get the ball rolling, it will roll fast,” Goldman said.D’Andrea’s had a special niche in Berwyn, but Goldman said he believes several factors, including stocking too large a variety of offerings, led to its demise. Cheap Jerseys china

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