Could be that the renovations

Could be that the renovations are still ongoing at The Farm. Both sets of new videoboards on the east and west side have been installed. Not sure if they’ll be up and running tonight or not, though.. The throwback uniform and color scheme look like football. The current uniform and color scheme look like something SeaWorld employees would wear. The old dark aqua color has been replaced with a crystalline pool colored coral aqua scheme that screams OOWWW DON’T HURT ME, FOOTBALL GUY.

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All other auction teams were fighting, dying, and literally snatching away batting icons. What were Tom Moody and VVS SRH doing?? Ok it was a mistake not to buy in first auction but repeat the same in 2016 is blunder or criminal. Henriques, Cutting, Kane Williamson, Holder, etc are players anyway other teams would not even bid for.

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